Help!  I Have an Injured Bird!

If you have an injured raptor - such as an eagle, falcon, hawk, or owl; or if you have a vulture or great blue heron -  Please call our Rescue Line at:
 855-TWO-OWLS  (855-896-6957) 

You will get a recorded menu, but it will direct you to a live phone number if you listen and follow directions.

our non-emergency number is 919-862-7637

If the animal you found is not a raptor, please contact NC Wildlife Resources Commission at (919)707-0040 or

Some veterinarians have a list of rehabbers in your area, and can direct you. Our favorite vets are Avian and Exotic Animal Care (919)844-9166 and After Hours Clinic at (919) 781-5145.

For More rehabbers, click here >>>NC Wildlife<<<

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