Education Shows at Your Location

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A small festival style outdoor event (Call for festival pricing)


A classroom presentation indoor event

Bring a Live Owl, Hawk, Falcon, or Vulture 

To Your front porch!

Educational Programs at YOUR HOPME OR EVENT!

Price List: (price for porch visits - outside visits for groups within local government guidelines, and within Wake county and durham county. Travel outside those areas may increase cost)

$40   - 1 Owl, Hawk, or Vulture (15-20 mins)

$80 - 2 Owls, or 1 Owl & 1 Hawk, or Vulture (up to 30 mins)

$120 - 3 of any combination: Owls, Hawk, or Vulture (30 - 45 mins)

Call us at 919-229-8449 or text 919-771-9779  

Travel fee: Add $25.00 per county outside Wake and Durham County for travel fees

The American Wildlife Refuge provides a wide variety of educational programs for all types of curriculums and all ages. Our programs can be custom tailored to your curriculum needs.

We have written educational partnerships with many local organizations, including Boy Scouts of America, Coastal Pines Girl scouts, Wake County Public Libraries, YMCA after School Programs, Y-Guides, and more.  Our partners get discounts off the presentation costs.

Our primary educator, Steve is a member in good standing of the International Association of Avian Teachers and Educators.  He is also one of only 5 people in the North Carolina on the National Eagle Speakers Bureau.  Steve teaches classes in wildlife rehab that are registered with the NC Veterinary Medical Association and usable as Veterinary CE credits.

We  have done hundreds of programs for the Wake County Public School System, and are on their list of educators. We are regularly asked to teach at local home schools groups and private schools like Raleigh Progressive School, and Montessori Schools.

We are often requested to do programs at Umstead State Park, Jordan Lake State Park, and more.  Steve also has annual classes for NC State Park Rangers, where he teaches park rangers about handling raptors and educating their park visitors.

We have  done presentations for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. We have also done presentations at the North Carolina State Fair in cooperation with NC Widlife and with the 4H Camps. We have done auditorium presentations and the NC Museum of Natural History and the NC Museum of Art.

Steve does several different shows based on his experience as a wildlife rescuer, educator, and storyteller. Below is a listing of several separate presentations, each done within a single “Class Hour.”

Rescue Tales

Hear Steve tell stories of some of his wildest rescues and wildlife adventures.

Tall Tales and Short Tails

Hear old fashioned folk tales and tall tales about birds of prey, and see the truth and falsehoods of the stories.

Owls on the Prowl

Afraid of things that go bump in the night? In this owls-only presentation kids hear the night sounds and see who makes them as they are told stories and shown the truths behind the legends of the night.

Requirements and Rules of Education Shows

There must be a minimum of 6ft x 10ft empty area for the birds as a safety area. We sometimes rope off or tape off the area, but we do require it to be clear of all obstacles.

When we do an off site show, no matter how many shows we do for an organization in a day, we will only set up one time and place. That means that if there are different groups, they must relocate, we do not set up the birds, and then move them for each show.

If it is a fair type event (an event with multiple presenters), we will not allow portable sound amplification systems near our exhibit. Portable systems almost always have trouble, cause feedback, and upset the birds.

When our animals are on site there can be no pets or animals loose on the premises. Leashed pets and controlled animals are allowed. Our animals are always controlled, so we require the same of others.

If we set up a show, the agreed upon date is taken off of our available schedule. Since we often have to turn down shows due to other previously committed events, once a show is confirmed, the fee must be paid, even if the event does not occur. The signer is responsible for the fee even if the company does not agree to pay. Any other specific items will be addressed in the setup discussions.

*Only Schools, Park Systems, Libraries, and other service non-profits qualify for this special rate.

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