Vintage Jewelry, Candles and Religious Items 

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We have managed to collect many different types of candle and incense accessories, including a professional candle making kit!  While most of the burners and holders are bird themed, we have many different vintage and modern designs.

If you like handmade jewelry, this is the right place for it.  We have several local artists who bring us beaded handmade pieces sell to help the birds out.  Local artists like Thor-Thor’s Hammer, Harvest Moon Handmade, Talking Tree, Vic’s Sticks, House of Steel, The Cosmic Lemniscate, and many more populate the shelves. Dozens of pieces of varying style are here to support the animals.

We have vintage and costume jewelry as well. Some pieces are yard sale quality, others are truly breathtaking. Either way, there is something that will catch your eye.

We carry religious items for many religions.  Whether you want a glass angel bell or a monastery incense burner, or a philosophical bumper sticker, we have  a huge variety.

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